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  • Education Marketing

    Having worked in the education sector for nearly 20 years I know first-hand that education is a business. I also understand the ever-increasing pressure placed on attracting enrolments - and the implications this has on achieving your targeted budgets.

    So like any successful business, it is vital you have a robust marketing plan in place that ensures you are always one step ahead of competitors in strengthening your position in the marketplace, and you are continuing to build your reputation in the minds of potential customers - or in the case of education... in the minds of potential students/pupils/ learners and their influencers.

    During my marketing career working in the education sector I gained an in-depth understanding of how to successfully market education and training to a wide range of learners and their influencers - from secondary school pupils to adult learners, from learners at a foundation level to those at a doctorate level, and from learners right here in Aotearoa to all over the globe. I also have experience in marketing everything from traditional programmes and courses - to new and innovative programmes that were new to the market, and often challenged and pioneered the way education was delivered and engaged with.

    I am also an industry leader in education-based personas through the research I undertook for my Master of Professional Practice. I have in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics and behaviours of key education market segments, and how they support market-driven strategic decisions in learner-centred education. I can also undertake a persona research project tailored to your specific key market segments - to find out how personas can be of benefit to your marketing, please visit my Persona Research page.

    If you are in the education and training sector and need support and industry insights into how best to market your programmes, campus, institution, primary school, high school or early education centre - please don't hesitate to contact me. As an industry leader I can help increase your enrolments, sharpen your communications, strengthen your position in the marketplace, and build your reputation with potential students/pupils/learners and influencers.