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  • My Marketing Services

    Please find below an overview of all the services I can provide your business. I know there are a lot … but that comes with having over 25 years' experience as a qualified marketer! I have been extremely fortunate to have had first-hand experience working in all fields of marketing, and that's where your business can benefit. You can pick and choose which services you need… or if you're not sure, please don't hesitate to contact me and I can help you decide where your business's marketing could benefit from my expertise, guidance and support.

    Campaign and Promotions Management

    Does the thought of developing a campaign or promotion give you a migraine? Have the campaigns and promotions you have executed been rushed and as a result have not been well thought out, have been poorly targeted and not presented as professionally as you would have liked? Have your campaigns and promotions failed to achieve the results you wanted? Did you completely blow your budget on trying to make everything work and/or come together on time? 

    Let me help you turn your campaigns and promotions from a migraine into a marketing triumph!

    I have proven experience in the management of a wide range of successful campaigns and promotions - including leading content and creative, coordinating a range of team members and contractors/suppliers (including designers, web developers, photographers/videographers, writers, digital and PR specialists - to name only a few!), managing advertising media bookings, budget control and reporting.

    No matter the size of your campaign or promotion, by putting them in my capable and experienced hands, I can remove all the stress that comes with pulling all the different parts (and people) together on time and within budget. I can help develop and deliver successful campaigns and promotions that are well managed and executed and are memorable and professional. 

    Advertising Media Management

    I am a true believer that the key to successful advertising is to not put all your media eggs in one basket, but to put a robust media mix in place that is well matched to your customer's demographics and media habits. That's easy for me to say as a marketing expert, I know - but that's where I can help you get the most out of your advertising budget.

    I have extensive experience in the negotiation, purchasing and placement/booking of advertising across a wide range of media channels and platforms - including a working background in television, radio and newspaper. I also have strong relationships with a number of key media representatives and agencies - and have a reputation of being a legend when it comes to negotiating the best advertising rates!

    In my 25-plus years working in the industry on both sides of the media sales fence, I know the media like the back of my hand - which means your business can benefit from my inside knowledge and the relationships I have developed to get the best advertising rates and packages. I will negotiate and make bookings on your behalf and arrange the content and design - which means you are saved the hassle of having to work out who to contact, what and how to communicate what you need to advertise… and the big one, what you should be investing.

    Speaking of what you should be investing in advertising… check out below how my advertising media auditing can help take the mystery out of what you should be booking and spending.

    Advertising Media Auditing

    Do you honestly know whether your advertising is reaching the people it should? Are you confused by all the advertising options, do you just rely on a media representative to tell you what you should be investing in, are you just booking the same advertising you've always done because it's the easiest option … and are you a sucker for a good discount or freebie regardless of whether the advertising you've invested in is actually going to work?

    Don't worry if you are guilty of any of the above. The reasons I ask these questions is because they are common mistakes. Let me help you ensure your investment in advertising is going to reach the people you want it to, and you are going to be charged the most competitive rates to achieve this. 

    By allowing me to undertake an audit of your advertising I can establish whether the media you are investing in is going to reach your key markets, whether the rate you are paying is the best it can be, and whether the content and design you are using is professional, engaging and consistent.

    Brand Management

    You may have the greatest products and services on offer… but if your branding is stink, anything you say or do is not strengthening your position in the marketplace or in your customers' minds.

    I have experience in brand development, implementation, strategy and auditing. I can help you develop and manage a brand that speaks volumes about your business, products and services and professionalism - and one that resonates with customers.

    If need be, I can also audit your marketing to ensure that how you present your brand is consistent across all your collateral, platforms and channels to ensure your business's brand experience is the best it can be.

    Strategic Marketing

    Is your marketing strategy a bit like your favourite armchair… it's comfy so you see no reason to change it (nor do you have the time to look into changing it), even though it goes with nothing in your surrounding environment.

    One thing recent global events have highlighted is that businesses need to be proactive, adaptable to change - and have a Plan B to fall on if need be. And sometimes it simply takes someone from the outside to help you highlight your business's marketing potential and what opportunities are out there to be seized!

    Let me help you establish your business's potential and strengthen its robustness by putting a marketing plan in place that futureproofs your business. I can help you understand what your business's marketing strengths are and what market opportunities you could be exploring and maximising. I can also help you establish what your marketing weaknesses and threats are (including competition) and how to combat and manage them. 

    Content and Copywriting/Creative Lead

    Are you one of those businesses that says "it's our birthday and we're giving away the presents", "by popular demand we've extended our sale" or "hurry, order now stocks are limited"? 

    If you're lost for words when it comes to how to talk about your business and how to speak to your customers, and as a result have reverted to lazy, uninspiring and/or cliché content… let me help you dig yourself out of your content hole.

    Good content is key to reaching your customers and making sure what you say resonates with them and reflects well on your business. I have proven skills in writing effective and customer-centric content and copy for a wide range of audiences, media, channels and platforms. Let me turn your blah-blah-blah content into words that cut through the clutter, mean something to your customers and set you apart from your competitors. 

    Editing and Proofreading

    It doesn't matter how slick your marketing is… if your collateral is full of errors you are wasting your time and money. We have all made the mistake of producing collateral that we swear is error-free - for it to later be printed or go live and you are left asking "how did I not spot that mistake"? The problem is when you become too familiar with a piece of collateral, it is near impossible to pick up on what can sometimes be obvious errors. 

    I have extensive experience in editorial management of a wide range of channels, platforms, publications and collateral. I would even confess to be an anal proofreader - I can spot a spelling error, a missing uppercase letter, a troublesome sentence, a random full-stop or odd line space a mile off! 

    Contact me to discuss how I can help you avoid any unwanted surprises in your next piece of collateral!

    Project Management

    Be honest, do you hate managing projects - or you just don't have the time to do them well? Have you embarked on projects to have them fall apart due to poor management and as a result watched all your efforts, enthusiasm and money go down the drain?

    Managing projects can be stressful if you don't have the time to commit to implementing the right tools and processes. And you can often feel the last thing you need on your plate is the responsibility of coordinating tasks and people, updating numerous documents, writing endless reports and keeping to numerous deadlines… while also trying to keep project sponsors and stakeholders happy.

    Thankfully this kind of stuff is second nature to me!

    Throughout my career my work has always involved working to deadlines, having to lead or be part of a team to meet an agreed goal, juggling many tasks at the same time (often with conflicting timeframes) and having to work within budget. I also hold qualifications in project management just to make my love of being overly organised official. Contact me  about how I can take the pain out of any small to medium sized projects you have planned.

    Partnership Sponsorship

    Katie Duncan - Marketing Consultancy is a proud partnership sponsor of the Otago Nuggets.