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  • Persona Research

    How well do you actually know your customers? Are you just presuming you understand their unique characteristics and behaviours? … And do you base your marketing decisions on the presumptions you have made?

    Let me take the risk out of your marketing!

    As a qualified marketing researcher and leader in persona development, implementation and delivery I can undertake research into your key market segments and bring to life the core demographics and unique characteristics, behaviours and perspectives of the people within them.

    With a well-researched set of personas, I can:

    • Help you see the world through your customers' eyes by gaining an understanding of their goals, behaviours and attitudes.
    • Provide answers behind your customers' decisions and avoid you making presumptions.
    • Help you avoid making decisions based on internal objectives with no thought for your customers' concerns.
    • Understand who your customers are and support your implementation of customer-centred strategies.
    • Bring to life the research findings so that you can make decisions based on the personas … not on you.
    • Place all your staff on the same page when it comes to your strategic marketing decisions.

    My Masters research methodology and framework will explore and help you understand what makes your customers tick when it comes to your business's products and services by demystifying:

    • What your customers' priorities are when considering whether to engage with your product or service.
    • How your customers got to the point of being your customers.
    • What barriers or hurdles they may have faced when making the decision to engage with your product or service.
    • What barriers or hurdles they may face when deciding to continue to engage with your product or service.
    • What a successful relationship with your product or service looks like to your customers.

    You will find the research findings fascinating and insightful - and they are bound to surprise and challenge the presumptions you might have had about your customers. 

    Take the risk out of your future marketing decisions by contacting me about undertaking a persona research project tailored to your business's needs.